Забі мяне (блог) мякка

R.I.P.Visitors: Down XNUMX%
Pageviews: Down XNUMX%
RSS Subscriptions: Up XNUMX%
Adsense: Down XNUMX%
Technorati Rank: Down XNUMX%.

These are some of my statistics for the last two weeks on my blog! For my regular visitors, you’ll notice I’ve not been blogging consistently – one of those cardinal rules that you should never break. Blogging is all about momentum. Пасля таго, як вы страціце абароты, няма неадкладнага спосабу вярнуцца назад.

Я заўважыў, што некаторыя блогеры робяць фантастычную працу, запаўняючы мёртвую прастору:

  1. Recapping the most popular blog posts.
  2. Having Guest bloggers.
  3. Уцягванне мультымедыйных (відэа- ці гукавых) кліпаў па тэме і даступных праз Youtube and other channels.

The only tactic I’ve been taking is to continue posting Del.icio.us спасылкі. Я ў асноўным перастаў пісаць, думаць пра тое, каб перастаць удзельнічаць у іншых размовах у блогу. Адной з прычын, па якой я не выкарыстаў альтэрнатыўныя метады, каб утрымаць чытачоў, было тое, што я зрабіў want to see what would happen.

Having an RSS feed appears to be the one publishing method that can retain (and even boost) subscribers. I’m not positive, but I’d be willing to bet that it was visitors that came here by search engine, noticed how many subscribers I have, and thought it worthy of participating. The daily links from Del.icio.us are at least providing some value to these new subscribers.

If you’re a new subscriber, expect more from me! I’m right in the middle of an employment change and delivering a mapping application to a client. Truth be told, I’m also having a beer or two each evening this week with my fellow employees from my current employer. They are a rapidly growing Inc XNUMX company and I don’t want employees to think I’m leaving the company for some negative reason… I’m simply moving to a new challenge and fantastic opportunity.

Monday will be my first day with my new employer and I’m looking forward to it. By the end of next week, things should calm down and I’ll be back in action. With this job, I’ll have exposure to outsourced development firms, a new online industry (restaurant marketing and patronage), new technology (Point of Sale integration) and e-commerce. Be prepared for some great content as I dive in!

Martech Zone resurrection is coming!

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    I guess I am not surprised. I have little enough time to scan RSS feeds let alone visit individual blog sites. (Blame the whole matter on me!) To make matters worse, if a blogger doesn’t offer a full feed I generally can’t afford to read the blurb and _then_ have to go to the site to finish the offering. (Sorry, blame me again, it is all my fault.)

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    Перапынак - гэта добра і ўдачы ў кар'ерным руху.

    Don’t worry about the numbers. My own blog has pretty static traffic numbers, page views and RSS subscribers. I get the occasional surge from StumbleUpon but that is about it. But then I only have time to blog twice a week so I never expect my readership base to grow rapidly.

    I’m going to try a new filler post tactic soon to bring me up to XNUMX posts a week. I’ll see how it goes.

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      I’ve had their javascript embedded in my footer for quite some time. Thanks for putting this post up, though! I haven’t actually gone and checked the stats out.

      I really am thankful for the friends, like you, that keep coming back and joining the conversation. In a lot of ways, I’m an observer… checking out the conversations between other folks.

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